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.: Wong Edan :.
.: Wong Edan :.
Update June 22th

California server will be updated at Tuesday, June 22th, between 11:00 and 13:00 GMT.

Patch notes:
-new human character and weapon animation
-changed characted models and armor
-black characters are added
-new haircuts are added
-armor damage visualization is added
-modified achievement system

Item upgrade level and Character level tie

Upgraded item's level is now tied to mercenary's level.
There are 5 level ranges for upgraded item usage:
level 1-3 mercenary can use only level 3 item
level 4-6 mercenary can use only level 10 item
level 7-10 mercenary can use only level 15 item
level 11-15 mercenary can use only level 20 item
level 16-20 mercenary can use items without limits.

Note that 11-15 character can still wear level 20-25 items but these items will have stats like level 20 on that character, untill he reaches 16 level.

Quick-fight system

New type of arena is replacing separated arenas in towns. With new quick-fight arena you just click "Join" button and system automatically and quickly finds a suitable fight for you!

Now you can join any fight on entire map without leaving your town!
Less waiting, more shooting!

Fights take places within fixed level ranges, map is defined by game host.
1-3 levels,
4-6 levels,
7-10 levels,
11-15 levels,
16-20 levels.
To get into fights with 2 and 3 mecenaries you need to have them all activated for fight and be in one level range, which is defined by highest level mercenary. E.g. if highest level is 5, he will be in level 4-6 fight.

If you have more than one mercenary activated you can still get into 1 or 2 merc fights. System will choose highest merc in your merc list.

Shooting range

You can practice your skills at a shooting range. Once a day every players gets a token to visit a shooting range for free. Any other visit costs 1000cr or 5 gold.

You have to bring your own guns and ammunition to practice;
Every shot on a target increases your skill;
Maximal skill increase for single battle is 2.5;
Remember about skill limit, make sure your mercenary, choosed for practice, hasn't reached his skill limit.

Item rent

In rent shop you can rent some cool upraged stuff for a short time.
Items can be rented for 3 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours and 24 hours.
Only level +10, +15 and +20 items are avaiable for rent.
Each player can rent unlimited number of items.

Longer the rent period - cheaper the average cost will be, e.g. to rent item for 24 hours is cheaper than renging it 3 times for 8 hours.

Rented item cannot be traded, upgraded or broken. If rental time expires in battle, item will dissapear after the battle.

Training base

Reservation training base is available only for level 1-3 mercenaries and upgrade level 3 items; assault starts at 13:00 GMT
base 4-6 assault starts at 15:00 GMT, max items upgrade level is 10;
base 7-10 assault starts at 17:00 GMT, max items upgrade level is 15;
base 11-15 assault starts at 19:00 GMT, no items limit;
base 16-12 assault starts at 23:00 GMT, no items limit;

-assault takes place once a day;
-time limit is 1,5 hours;
-any player can join the assault, regardless clan membership;
-you can join the assault at any time after the begining;
-players from the same clan cannot join play on opposite sides;
-you can leave the assault, join again and pick any side, regardless what side you were playing before;
-side points wont be lost if player leaves the assault. Personal poins will lost;
-player can join any combat squad, regardless his clan membership;
-maximum level for items is the same as in Reservation;
-players cant put money in Defence fund;

Best 3 players on assault team will be awarded:
1st - 20,000cr
2nd - 17,000cr
3rd - 13,000cr

Best 3 players of assault team will be awarded:
1st - 15,000cr
2nd - 10,000cr
3rd - 5,000cr

Ranks and classes

Mercenaries can earn ranks. Rank points accumulates like experience points, but can be lost in defeats.

Class of your squad affects credits reward for fights. Class forms of all ranks of your mercenaries.

-towns have different rank points rate;
-assault fights give you more rank points than any town;
-rank points calculate for every mercenary who was in fight;
-killing opponent with higher rank than yours brings you more rank points, killing opponent with lower rank than yours brings you less rank points;
-for winning the fight all mercenaries get additional rank points;
-killed mecenary gets penalty rank points, which deduct from earned points in fight;
-for leaving the fight player recieves penalty points and recieves no rank points for kills;
-fighting same player in a row gives you less rank points;
-commander of your squad can be changed for 20,000 credits or 100 gold.

Kill gives 10 rank points;
Death takes 5 rank points;
Leaving the fight takes 20 rank points;
Winning the fight doubles earned rank points;
If victim's rank is noticeably higher, for every 500 rank points of the difference killer gets +1 rank point, but not more than 20.
If victim's rank is noticeably lower, for every 500 rank points of the difference killer gets -1 rank point, but no less than 1.

Rank limits:
merc level - maximum rank
1 / 120
2 / 320
3-4 / 1050
5-6 / 2400
7-9 / 5400
10-13 / 12000
14-17 / 22000
18-20 / 35000

In order to recieve rank points you have to kill mercenaries with level close to your level.

Killer level - Minimum victim level
1 - 1
2 - 1
3 - 1
4 - 2
5 - 3
6 - 4
7 - 5
8 - 6
9 - 7
10 - 8
11 - 9
12 - 10
13 - 11
14 - 12
15 - 13
16 - 13
17 - 14
18 - 15
19 - 15
20 - 15

Secured ranks once obtained cannot be lost:

Corporal - 180 points
Sergeant - 450 points
Second Lieutenant - 1800 points
Captain - 5400 points
Sub-Colonel - 12000
Brigadier General - 22000 points
General - 35000 points

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